Join Us for the Largest Gathering on Earth

Millions will come from all over the world to the Kumbh Mela to bathe in Mother Ganga’s holy waters. more >

Clean Kumbh, Green Kumbh!

Take the pledge with us to truly make this the first-ever, eco-friendly “Green Kumbh.”  more >

Be in the Presence of Some of India’s Greatest Saints

Partake in the Mela’s rich variety of divine discourses, satsangs and gatherings of India’s great spiritual heritage. more >

Bathe in the Sacred Waters of the Sangam

Come take a holy dip and pray at the banks of the Sangam, where Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati merge. more >

A Microcosm of India’s Spiritual Heritage

Kumbh Mela is the gathering of all of India’s spiritual traditions. more >

Join Us for Sangam Aarti

Each evening we will gather with numerous saints to sing and praise at the Sangam. more >

Join us for the Season of Nectar!

Transform your Kumbh Mela from a holiday into holy days.

Kumbha Mela is one of the most ancient, yet still living, traditions of India’s glorious past. Explore the history, reflect upon the meaning and signficance of the Kumbh, and learn about the groundbreaking initiatives being taken to make this first eco-friendly Kumbh. Then, come join us for the spiritual experience of a lifetime. Your body will be rejuvenated, your mind will be calmed, and your soul will be uplifted.

Our Events

The First-Ever Eco-Friendly "Green" Kumbh

  • tree

    Planting trees to “green” the Sangam

    At one time, Allahabad was a green city, where residents and visitors could pluck fruits from the lush trees that lined its streets. Today, the municipality, in many places, is much different: presenting the visitor with treeless vistas that look...
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  • bio-digester-toilets-small

    Eco-Friendly Toilets

    Working in partnership, the Green Kumbh Initiative will provide portable, eco-friendly toilets for free use by festival attendees.  In so doing, sanitation will not only be improved, but lakhs of people and the world press will be educated about the...
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