The First-Ever Eco-Friendly “Green” Kumbh Mela

Major work is being undertaken to not only make this Kumbha Mela run smoothly, but also to make it environmentally-friendly!

Ganga Action Parivar – an organization founded by Pujya Swamiji which is dedicated to the restoration and protect of Mother Ganga, Her tributaries and the environment – in partnerships with Allahabad’s NGOs, schools, institutions and ministry, is taking up the “Green Kumbh Initiative”.  This is a first of its kind program, designed to beautify the grounds of Kumbh and its environs, while protecting the health and well-being of festival attendees.  In addition, this program will spread awareness and education about the importance of being “green”, thus informing and motivating festivals-goers from all over the world to become stewards of the environment around them.

Click here to watch Pujya Swamiji’s message for the Green Kumbh.


Tree Plantations

Planting trees to create beautiful canopies of greenery which will provide shelter visitors from far and near, fruits to tempt the eye, roots to prevent the erosion of soil, and leaves to offer some 90% of their water back to the environment and add moisture to the air.

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Eco-Friendly Toilets

Providing eco-friendly bio-digester toilets for free use by festival attendees.  Sanitation will not only be improved, but lakhs of people and the world press will be educated about the importance and viability of ecologically-sound toilet facilities.

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Solid Waste Management

Taking a three-pronged approach, including providing an abundance of rubbish bins;  regular waste removal, recycling and composting; and a massive awareness campaign to educate pilgrims about the importance of keeping our environment clean.

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