The Kumbh Mela is a beautiful event which brings together millions from all backgrounds in unity.  To maintain the sanctity and tradition of this festival, and our camp, we ask all pilgrims to follow the following guidelines within the Ganga Action Parivar camp and throughout the Kumbh Mela grounds:

  • Please observe and adhere to truth, non-violence, self-discipline, and polite etiquette.
  • All pilgrims (both men and women) are asked to dress modestly and soberly, in a way that shows respect for the tradition of Indian culture. We request that no shorts, sleeveless shirts, or other revealing clothing are worn.
  • The following are strictly prohibited within the camp: smoking, drinking intoxicants, using drugs, eating egg or other non-vegetarian foods, playing cards, watching television, and playing mobiles/radios/cassette players loudly. We also recommend that you refrain from eating onions and garlic.
  • Please do not oblige anyone by directly providing money, clothes or tips of any kind.  This affects the discipline and management of the camp as well as negatively influences the divine, devoted feeling amongst the individuals here.  Whatever help you want to give, please donate it directly to one of our many humanitarian or environmental programs.
  • Help us make this Kumbh the first-ever “green” Kumbh Mela!  During your stay, use reusable eco-friendly materials like reusable water bottles and cloth or jute bags, instead of plastic and polythene.  Refrain from throwing any litter on to the ground or into the environment, but instead properly dispose of your waste in bins.  For more tips on how to live “green” at the Kumbh, click here.