Public Awareness Program


To solidify the efforts to “green” the Kumbh, a progressive educational outreach campaign will be organized for the duration of the festival.  The campaign will contain overlapping components designed to solidly impress key environmental awareness messages in the minds of yatris (pilgrims).

These components include:

  • Media Outreach

Working with the massive media pool that will be located in the Kumbh grounds, we will release regular messages to inform and motivate yatris, as well as non-attendees who will see the Kumbh on television, far and wide.

  • Billboards, Posters and Hoardings

These will educate pilgrims about the importance of keeping the environment, especially the Kumbh grounds, the rivers and Prayag clean and green.  They will also designate the locations of dust bins, eco-friendly toilets, filtered taps, Sapling Distribution Sites, Kumbh Smriti Plantations, and more “green” efforts.

  • Video Productions

Short educational documentaries and advertisements will inform yatris about the importance of caring for the environment around them.  Special tips will allow individuals to become immediate participants of the Green Kumbh and live in healthier, more environmentally-sustainable ways.

  • Street Plays

Entertaining spectacles will be held within the Kumbh grounds for attendees of all ages.  These will motivate festival-goers with positive educational messages told in story form.

  • Participation of Faith Leaders

Faith leaders from a wide variety of backgrounds and denominations will join forces to disseminate powerful messages about the importance of maintaining a clean and beautiful environment.

  • Nightly Sangam Aarti

Every evening, a beautiful Aarti will be held in the company of leaders and yatris of all faiths and beliefs.  These memorable events will include live music and the lighting of lamps to revere Mother Nature in the form of the Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati Rivers.  Aarti will be followed by short talks on the part we can all play as stewards of our environments.  All will be broadcaset on television, on a nightly basis.

  • Music Programs

Concerts will be regularly offered by singers and musicians from across our great nation.  These events will all feature the central theme of keeping India clean and green for this and future generations.

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