Public Participation

Yatris, partners, and local residents will be encouraged to participate in efforts to “green” the Kumbh as Green Team Volunteers.  As volunteers, they will be educated about the importance of maintaining a clean environment for all, so that they may become educators themselves. 

Many will be given attractive uniforms so that they may serve as sentries in our efforts against pollution.  In so doing, they will be available to direct Kumbh attendees to the nearest sanitary facilities, trash receptacles and water taps.  They will also provide polluters with information as to how they may dispose of their waste in more sustainable and attractive ways.

Other volunteer positions may include:

  • Street play performers
  • Ganga Smriti assistants
  • Ushers for public events, such as concerts
  • Trash collectors
  • Sapling Prasad distributors
  • Recycling and composting assistants

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