Eco-Friendly Toilets

Working in partnership, the Green Kumbh Initiative will provide portable, eco-friendly toilets for free use by festival attendees.  In so doing, sanitation will not only be improved, but lakhs of people and the world press will be educated about the importance and viability of ecologically-sound toilet facilities!

After the Kumbh has concluded, the toilets will be repurposed for other festivals and pilgrimages in the Rishikesh and Haridwar regions.  They will also be utilized for later Kumbh Melas in other municipalities.

Eco-Friendly Toilets:  A Sanitation Revolution

Human waste disposal is an ever-growing problem that leads to unsightly pollution and infectious disease.  In response, safe and ecologically-friendly toilets have been developed, which are nearly maintenance-free and are efficient without dependence on conventional energy sources.  These toilets’ output effluent is clear, virtually pathogen-free, and can be used as an excellent fertlizer, rather than being discharged into rivers and other life-giving watersheds.

This represents a ground-breaking new achievement, as the failure of most of India’s sewage treatment programs rests on the lack of regular electrical current, as well as the disposal of partially-treated or in some instances, even untreated and toxic sewage, into the same waterways that provide our drinking water.

In addition, outside of its effluent discharge (to be used agriculturally), methane gas is its only other by-product.  This can be utilized for household, small industry and municipal energy.

To learn more about the toilet program happening throughout the Ganga Basin, click here.

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