Planting trees to “green” the Sangam

At one time, Allahabad was a green city, where residents and visitors could pluck fruits from the lush trees that lined its streets.

Today, the municipality, in many places, is much different: presenting the visitor with treeless vistas that look unappealing to the eye, while also adding to the problem of soil erosion into what should be a pristine confluence of the world’s holiest rivers.

Yet, the Green Kumbh Initiative partnership understands that with a little effort, the fabled city can again be returned to the grandeur befitting its name. To that end, Ganga Action Parivar along with local NGOs, schools, institutions and volunteers have been planting, and planning the future planting, of trees and plants throughout the Kumbh grounds and its environs. As these grow, beautiful canopies of greenery will shelter visitors from far and near, fruits will tempt the eye, roots will prevent the erosion of soil, and leaves will offer some 90% of their water back to the environment, adding moisture to the air.

What We Are Doing

Phase I:

We have initiated plantings in the Prayag, an 11-km section of Allahabad which will front the massive Kumbh event. In so doing, organizations, universities and schools are working together to provide green spaces as well as buffer zones alongside the Ganga, Yamuna and the surrounding environment.

Phase II:

The Green Ganga Initiative will plant trees directly within the Kumbh grounds, keeping saplings safe with tree guards fabricated just for the Kumbh Mela. These can carry the names of sponsors and partners of the initative, as well as educational details about keeping India’s beautiful environment clean and green.

Green Kumbh Initiative Plantation Sites include:

  • Jhunsi (at the banks of Ganga)
  • the University area
  • University hostels
  • Telierganj/Rasoolabad Ghat (within Kumbh Mela grounds)
  • Chota Bhagadha & Allahpur
  • Phaphamau

In addition, another 500,000-1,000,000 plants will be distributed to pilgrims during the Kumbh Mela as divine blessings. Click here to read more about this.

To learn more about the tree plantation programs Ganga Action Parivar is holding year-round throughout the Ganga Basin, click here.

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