Come join us for the spiritual experience of a lifetime.  Your body will be rejuvenated, your mind will be calmed, and your soul will be uplifted.

We will have one of the largest camps at the Kumbha Mela.  Our accommodations maintain the tradition of spiritual simplicity, while taking into consideration the modern lifestyle of our guests.  Our accommodations are clean and simple, and we aim to provide the necessary amenities.

The Kumbha Mela is an intense experience on all levels:  physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  Please take a moment to contemplate where you are objectively ready for massive crowds, constant noise, very basic living conditions and winter weather while living in one of the largest camps within the world’s largest festival of life..

This experience calls for an adventurous spirit and a degree of renunciation to reap the benefits and joys of being with us in the heart of India.  For those who are ready for a clean and simple, home that has the bare essentials, the Kumbha Mela offers a wonderful opportunity to grow. We welcome you to join us for the spiritual experience of a lifetime.

There will be two types of accommodation available within the camp:

  • Rooms, with attached bathrooms
  • Dormitory-style tents (can accommodate 5-6 pilgrims), with shared common bathrooms
*Please note:  Due to the nature and location of the Kumbh, while we will attempt to provide all guests with electricity and hot water, there may be times when these are not available.  There will be no showers available, but hot water will be collected/distributed for bathing purposes.  Due to the shortage of electricity in the Kumbh grounds, there will be no space heaters, but plenty of quilts and blankets will be provided.  We advise everyone to pack warm clothes, particularly for the night and early morning.

Also, within the camp there will be:

  • Yagnashala
  • Satsang Hall to seat 2,000 people
  • Canteen
  • Small cafe serving herbal and traditional fare
  • Ayurvedic treatment center
  • Travel desk with ticketing facilities via internet
For a list of things you should bring with you, directions on how to get to the Kumbha Mela and other information, please be sure to read our FAQ page, or click here.
Click here to download a brochure on the camp in Hindi.
Click here to download a brochure on the camp in English.

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Reservation for the 2013 Kumbha Mela is now closed.

Map of the Kumbh Mela Area
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